Family First presents an important opportunity to engage the entire community in planning for Family First implementation.

This includes engaging with child welfare leadership, policy makers, community-based organizations, private providers, the legal community and other stakeholders. Most importantly, we must also partner with those impacted most by child welfare policy and practice: young people, parents, and family members.

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Message #1:

Kids involved with the child welfare system should grow up in safe, stable and secure families that support their long-term well-being. Take part in the historic #FamilyFirstAct reform of the child welfare system:

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Message #2:

Research makes clear that growing up in a family is essential for all kids, especially those who have experienced abuse or neglect. is a database of resources to help with implementation of the historic #FamilyFirstAct

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Message #3:

Systems must work to keep families together by providing access to prevention services so children and teens can grow up in their own homes. Access resources to support implementation of the

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Message #4:

Children and teens who cannot stay at home should live with relatives or close friends. When this is not possible, they should live with a loving and supportive foster family. Take part in the historic reform of the child welfare system:  

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Core Messaging for Family First

National Partners collaborated to develop a set of messages for advocates, child welfare professionals, and others to use in their work

Family First Core Messaging

Communication Toolkit from Annie E. Casey Foundation

If you are looking for guidance in crafting messages for your organization in support of Family First, we encourage you to review the terrific resources available in the

Communication Toolkit from the Annie E. Casey Foundation