The Child Welfare Policy Manual has released a new Question and Answer under  Section 8.6C "Title IV-E Prevention Services Program, Administrative Functions/Costs. 

Question 1: May a title IV-E agency contract out title IV-E administrative activities under the title IV-E prevention services program to a private or public agency?


Yes. Generally, a title IV-E agency may contract out title IV-E administrative activities necessary for the administration of the title IV-E prevention program, but the title IV-E agency must supervise the activities performed by the contracted agency. Examples of title IV-E administrative activities that may be contracted out include developing and maintaining the child's prevention plan, activities associated with meeting the requirements in section 471(e)(5)(B)(ii) of the Social Security Act (the Act) to monitor and oversee the safety of children receiving prevention services, and other activities that comport with or are closely related to the examples provided in 45 CFR 1356.60(c)(2).

However, only the title IV-E agency or a public agency (including a tribe) under a title IV-E agreement per section 472(a)(2) of the Act is permitted to make the determination that a child is a candidate for foster care (see also CWPM, Section 8.1D, Q/A #6). The title IV-E agency may contract with a private or public agency to gather all of the necessary information for the title IV-E agency or public agency/tribe under the agreement to make a determination of candidacy. 

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