HB 2103 would amend the revised Kansas Code for the Care of Children and enact statutory provisions to enable the state to meet the requirements of the federal Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). [Note: The FFPSA allows for an enhanced federal match rate toward the use of Social Security Act Title IV-E funds for certain child welfare system evidence-based prevention services and programs beginning October 1, 2019.]

The bill would define a qualified residential treatment program (QRTP), establish notice and hearing requirements when a child is placed in a QRTP, require certain action to be taken by the court when QRTP placement occurs, and place additional documentation requirements on the court in a permanency hearing involving a child placed in a QRTP. Further, the bill would amend the definition of a secure facility, require a child in need of care petition to have an attached copy of any existing prevention plan for a child, and make technical amendments.