Georgia's Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Plan

Beginning in early 2019, leaders representing family-serving state agencies, community organizations, and stakeholder groups came together to address Georgia’s high rate of child abuse and neglect. It was determined that... (Read more)

Published Sep 30, 2020

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Family First Prevention Plan: The Changing Landscape of Texas Child Welfare

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) believes that children thrive in safe, stable, nurturing families and communities. Family First, passed by Congress in 2018, makes several new... (Read more)

Published Aug 31, 2020

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Creating a Family First Prevention Plan - Washington, D.C.

Across a ten-year span, Washington, D.C. reduced the number of children and youth in care from more than 3,000 to 750. The District's Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) focus... (Read more)

Published Aug 18, 2020

Family First: Title IV-E Prevention Plan Implementation Updates, Part 2

To help States and jurisdictions develop their Title IV-E prevention plans in alignment of the Family First, the Children’s Bureau hosted a webinar to share the experiences and lessons learned... (Read more)

Published Aug 14, 2020

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Family First: Title IV-E Prevention Plan Implementation Updates, Part 1

The Children’s Bureau hosted a webinar to share the lessons and experiences of two jurisdictions whose Title IV-E Prevention Plans received approval from CB. The webinar’s intent was to provide... (Read more)

Published Aug 14, 2020

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Kansas Family First Prevention Plan APPROVED

Family First was signed into law February 9, 2018. Family Fist offers exciting possibilities for communities within the State of Kansas to be responsive, supportive and be a part of... (Read more)

Published May 22, 2020

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North Dakota seeks comments on its foster care prevention plan

The North Dakota Department of Human Services is accepting public comment on its draft plan for preventative services and programs aimed at keeping children out of foster homes. The draft... (Read more)

Published May 2, 2020

Maryland Title IV-E Prevention Plan Approved

On Feb. 18th, the Maryland Department of Human Services announced it had received approval from the federal Children's Bureau for it's Title IV-E Prevention Program Plan. View the announcement.(Read more)

Published Feb 18, 2020

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Arkansas Family First Prevention Plan

Arkansas has become the third state to win federal approval of its Family First Prevention Plan, Governor Asa Hutchinson stated. The plan, which is called Family First Fits Us, outlines... (Read more)

Published Feb 12, 2020

Multi-State Overview of the Interventions that States Plan to Include in their Family First Prevention Plan and the Intervention Technical Reviews that Are Being Planned

This resource from Casey Family Programs is an updated inventory (as of 2.11.20) showing what evidence based practices different states plan to use for Family First and what interventions states... (Read more)

Published Nov 20, 2019