This new IM from the Children's Bureau was released to inform title IV-E agencies on how to use CCWIS, non-CCWIS information systems, websites, and applications to support of child welfare program activities related to the recruitment, approval, and retention of foster homes.1 Since the federal regulations for CCWIS were published in 2016, several title IV-E agencies pursuing a CCWIS have asked the Children’s Bureau (CB) for more information about automated functions and functional requirements related to recruitment, approval, and retention of foster homes. This IM focuses on the following foster care placements: foster family homes, homes of relatives, and pre-adoptive homes.

While this IM largely focuses on CCWIS, the benefits and examples may be applied to any system, website, or application supporting child welfare practice. This IM provides information that may be helpful in considering technology alternatives and CCWIS models including examples of possible data categories, automated functions, and “use cases” (See Attachment A), examples of possible data categories (See Attachment B), and additional on-line resources (See Attachment C).

ATTACHMENTS (included in this file):
A. Strengthening Technology Support for Recruitment, Approval, and Retention of Foster Homes
B. Sample Data Elements
C. Links to Online Resources