Part 1: You are the Prize

A Conversation with Amnoni (pronounced Ah-mon-knee) Myers

In this special three-part series, Where the Light Beams, Kempe's Virtual Village is excited to bring you two Radio Kempe podcast episodes followed by an interactive virtual Café on Thursday, September, 23rd at 10 AM (Mountain Time). Join us throughout the month as we introduce you to Amnoni Myers, an advocate for elevating the voice of those with lived experience in child welfare.

In this first Radio Kempe podcast episode, we will discover Amnoni's journey through the foster care system from the beginning of her life as a ward of the state through her transition from kinship care to foster care. We will discuss the long-term impact of her separation from her siblings and how she fought to overcome personal hurdles caused by exposure to secondary substance abuse. Follow us on this journey that inspired her to advocate for all children to have a voice by pursuing reform in child welfare first academically and then as a White House intern under the Obama administration. Experience her realization that she, and all children like her, are the prize! Be inspired by that experience to fuel a lasting change for all children.

As professionals, we talk about trauma and how it connects to behavior. However, we do not always have the chance to reflect and understand from the child's perspective. Listen now to learn more! We will shed light on the numerous sources of trauma inflicted by the separation of children from families and the resulting developmental impact that is not uncommon for many children placed in the foster care system, and we will question our assumptions of what it means for a child to be "successful."

Listen here: