The Family First Act: An unprecedented opportunity to transform child welfare

Kids should grow up in safe, stable and secure families who support their long-term well-being. Research makes clear — growing up in a family is essential for all kids, especially those who have experienced abuse or neglect. Family First is an opportunity moment that offers exciting possibilities for us to be responsive to the specific needs of children, teens and families. 

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Family First Resource Database

This database has been compiled by partner organizations and contains links to resources relating to the Family First Act. Search by resource type, topic, geographic location, or source. Note that you may view two ways: summary and list.  Have a Family First resource that you think would be useful? Share it here >

A Guide for the Legal Community: The Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018

The American Bar Association has issued a new guide for the legal community on Family First. This guide is designed to strengthen the legal community’s understanding and capacity to use... (Read more)

Published Dec 21, 2020

Redefining Judicial Leadership: Stories of Transformative Practice

Through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) funding, the Implementation Sites Project was developed to replicate the infrastructure pioneered by the National Council of Juvenile and Court... (Read more)

Published Dec 11, 2020

Grandfamilies Share Stories of COVID-19 Hardships and Hope

In summer 2020, StoryCorps recorded these conversations as part of a project that focused on helping us understand the unique impacts COVID-19 is having on various types of families, including... (Read more)

Published Dec 6, 2020

Support for kinship care is an investment that can benefit families and children

In this Des Moines Register Opinion piece, Andreah Moyer-Stevens, a kinship caregiver, foster and adoptive parent writes about the value of investing in kinship families. Read her firsthand story here... (Read more)

Published Dec 4, 2020

Letter to the Field from Assoc. Commissioner Jerry Milner: Ensuring the Continuation of Critical Court Hearings

In a December 4, 2020 letter, Dr. Milner urges agencies and courts to continue working together to ensure that access to justice continues and that critical judicial oversight occur in... (Read more)

Published Dec 4, 2020

Webinar Recording: Parents and Caregivers: A Community-based Multidisciplinary Approach to Strengthening Families

In this webinar from the American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law, Birth Parent National Network leaders and lawyers who work as part of interdisciplinary legal representation teams... (Read more)

Published Dec 1, 2020

Every Kid Needs a Family Website

The purpose of this site is to provide information and advocacy tools to assist judges, attorneys, and advocates in making decisions regarding the placement of children that reflect the least... (Read more)

Published Nov 23, 2020

Title Resource Type Topic Location Source Published
Title IV-E Clearinghouse: SafeCare Advocacy Tools 09/04/20
Family First: High Quality Service Standards for Specialized Settings Advocacy Tools 09/02/20
Family First Prevention Plan: The Changing Landscape of Texas Child Welfare Advocacy Tools Prevention 08/31/20
Strategies for Reducing Inequity Advocacy Tools 08/28/20
Child Safety Forward: A National Initiative to Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities and Injuries Through a Collaborative, Community-Based Approach Advocacy Tools 08/28/20
Young People Need Families: Taking a Hard Look at Government’s Role in Raising Children Advocacy Tools 08/18/20
Creating a Family First Prevention Plan - Washington, D.C. Advocacy Tools Prevention 08/18/20
Family Engagement In Therapeutic Group Homes Advocacy Tools 08/18/20
Family Voices on School Reopening Advocacy Tools COVID-19 08/16/20
Family First: Title IV-E Prevention Plan Implementation Updates, Part 2 Advocacy Tools 08/14/20
Family First: Title IV-E Prevention Plan Implementation Updates, Part 1 Advocacy Tools 08/14/20
Advancing Healthy Outcomes: Eight Ways to Promote the Health and Well-Being of LGBTQ+ Youth Involved with Child Welfare through Families First Advocacy Tools Prevention 08/14/20
Recommendations for Trauma-Informed Care Under the Family First Prevention Services Act Advocacy Tools 08/07/20
Reducing the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences Advocacy Tools 08/03/20
Congressional Briefing & Interviews: Addressing Disparities in Black, Indigenous & Rural Communities Advocacy Tools 07/30/20
Seeing Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic and Creating Change for Vulnerable Children and Ensuring Safety and Stability for Vulnerable Children and Families Advocacy Tools COVID-19 07/30/20
Technical Bulletin: Independent Legal Representation Advocacy Tools 07/30/20
Systemic Approaches to Addressing Child and Family Trauma are Key to Fully Leveraging Family First Advocacy Tools Prevention 07/30/20
Guidance for Children and Families Involved with the Child Welfare System During the COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance COVID-19 07/30/20
The State of Prevention: Family First Act and Early Childhood Prevention Programs Advocacy Tools Prevention 07/29/20
Racial Equity Toolkit Featuring African American Grandfamilies Advocacy Tools 07/24/20
Racial Equity Toolkit Featuring American Indian and Alaskan Native Grandfamilies Advocacy Tools 07/24/20
Using Media Effectively with Young Children & Virtual Visitation Advocacy Tools 07/24/20
Ethical Casework Practice Advocacy Tools 07/24/20
Virtual Visitation: Guidelines Guidance & Resources to Support Virtual Parenting Time Advocacy Tools 07/24/20
Coordinating Prevention Services in the Community Advocacy Tools Prevention 07/17/20
Achieving and Maintaining Permanency Advocacy Tools 07/17/20
COVID-19 Resources Advocacy Tools 07/17/20
Family Engagement Inventory Advocacy Tools 07/17/20
Fiscal Analysis for Family First: Guide and Tools Advocacy Tools Prevention 07/13/20
Town Hall Meeting on the Future of Child Welfare Advocacy Tools 07/13/20
Affirming and Nurturing Racial Identity and Equality in Children Advocacy Tools 07/13/20
Family First Evidence & Child Welfare Webinar Resources Advocacy Tools 07/10/20
Share Your Perspective: As states move towards reopening, what supports would help you and your family make that transition most successful? Advocacy Tools 07/10/20
How the Child Welfare System Works Advocacy Tools 07/10/20
New Tools to Build Birth and Foster Parent Relationships Advocacy Tools 07/10/20
Webinar Recording & Recap: A Historic Opportunity to Reform the Child Welfare System: Youth & Alumni Priorities on Quality Residential Services Advocacy Tools QRTP / Congregate Care 07/07/20
Youth Justice and the Family First Advocacy Tools 06/30/20
Virginia Department of Social Services & Family First Advocacy Tools Prevention 06/30/20
Washington State DCYF Practice Improvement and Family First Advocacy Tools Prevention 06/29/20
NCCD and Family First Advocacy Tools Prevention 06/29/20
Listings and Clearinghouses Advocacy Tools Evidence-Based Practice 06/29/20
FCT approved for IV-E Prevention Services under Family First Advocacy Tools Prevention 06/29/20
Multi-State Overview of the Interventions that States Plan to Include in Their Family First Prevention Plans Advocacy Tools 06/28/20
Partnering in Practice Advocacy Tools 06/26/20
Executive Order on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children Law / Summary 06/23/20
Resources to Support Children’s Emotional Well-Being Amid Anti-Black Racism, Racial Violence, and Trauma Advocacy Tools 06/22/20
Letter from Dr. Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of Children's Bureau to state and tribal child welfare leaders Advocacy Tools COVID-19 06/22/20
2020 Kids Count Data Book: 2020 State Trends in Child Well-Being Advocacy Tools 06/21/20
A Podcast: A Guide to Implementing Family First Implementation Strategies Prevention 06/19/20